the gateway for your holiday in alta val tanaro



Historical hamlets
Four historic hamlets and 30 villages for a year of exhibitions, festivals and events. Three ethnographic museums, saracen and medieval monuments.
Culture and tradition
If you want to spend your perfect holiday in the heart of nature, in locations with secular culture and traditions just a few steps from the sea.
Children entertainment
Inflatable games, creative workshops and entertainers who professionally make unforgettable vacation for your children. Wide green spaces available, equipped for children are a safe and enjoyable playground also for parents.
Food and pleasure
If you want to taste a rich local cuisine based on traditional dishes and foods with really unique flavors and specialities, delighting your palate in cozy rooms surrounded by greenery and overlooking large alpine valleys overlooking the sea.
Guided hikes and tours
For the youngests' fun. Guided hikes, climbing courses and mountain biking with qualified instructors.
From the alps to the sea
To enjoy alpine snowfields at more than 2000 meters and then dive, after a couple of hours, in the warm waters of the Ligurian Sea, this is the place for you.
The beauty of the Ligurian Alps
If you want to relax, practice sports, enjoy the nature and great alpine landscapes in a unique area and away from the usual crowded destinations.
Savor the local specialities
The traditional cuisine of the Ligurian Alps is a combination of frugal mountain receipes, with tastes and flavors of nearby Liguria accompanied by fragrant Ligurian wines or the most structured ones coming from nearby Langa.

TURISMO NELLE ALPI LIGURI ASSOCIATION wishes to introduce you to a territory which may be considered unique and different if compared to all the others you may know. The reason is that all territories in the Cuneo area have no ways straight to the sea, being often more bound to the northern side of our regional mountains; all except one, that forms a great curve and runs parallel to the coast.

We are talking about a middle earth that offers alpine sceneries and mountain traditions from one side but also wonderful landscapes, heritage and culture which comes from the seaside; in fact the Ligurian Alps extend parallel to the Riviera.

They have a north side with narrow valleys overlooking the plains and a large, sunny south side where the Alta Val Tanaro ows from west to east.

This feature makes the south side like an alpine balcony overlooking the sea.

A very important feature is that all the peaks, just below 2700 meters, are easily reachable in a day, differently from other places here around where many tours are too long.

Moreover, a network of 6 mountain huts allows you to share beautiful crossings.

The valley, with its sunny location, had in the past a very large population, distributed in dozens of small villages and this left a dense network of paths and roads, a rich cuisine based on local mountain products often inuenced by the flavors of nearby Liguria.


outdoor sports in the heart of nature