Hotel Restaurant Miramonti

The Hotel Restaurant Bar Miramonti is located in the heart of Viozene, a fraction of Ormea in Alta Val Tanaro at the foot of the beautiful Monte Mongioie in a landscape of rare beauty. 1300 meters above sea level, in an area suitable for hiking, trekking and relax, with the habits and flavors of this lands, wedged between the mountains, but a stone’s throw from the sea.

Ancient flavors and a pleasant environment where you can relax tasting dishes prepared following the local tradition with the help of small secrets passed down from mother to daughter.


In our restaurant you can enjoy the genuine flavors of our land from from venison to mushrooms, saracen polenta and the famous “Cundìe” of Viozene, all complemented by the best wines of Piedmont and ligurian inland. The full menu is available with great variety of courses, or else the tourist menu for a pleasant stay during your trip in Alta Val Tanaro, in the Brigasca land or for a refreshing stop during a hike in the mountains.

Genuine local products and the conservation of a evolving and experiencing traditional “housewife” kitchen to try to intrigue our guests, are our priority.


Our hotel has 13 single, double and triple rooms all with TV and telephone, comfortable and very welcoming. We are sure that in the romantic ambience, suited for couples, individuals and families you’ll feel pampered in a place that will be familiar to you. We are available for full board, half board or bed & breakfast with special facilitations for children.

Our guests can enjoy the large parking area adjacent to the hotel and relax in the garden in front of the hotel entrance.