Hotel Restaurant La Tramontana

The good old values, rejuvenated in time, are always the same: kindness, courtesy, professionalism, cheerfulness and good company stays unchanged.

For over 40 years the Rizzo family manages the hotel, after having built and brought up it to the current size, including a large dining room where you can taste the cuisine that mainly consists of local dishes, and 18 bedrooms with bathroom, TV and telephone.

The property is located in a logistically perfect setting for nature lovers and hikers, ideal for trekking or simply for those who want to stay cool at 1250 meters above sea level in Viozene.

The landscape, the healthy air and the many sources of water are part of a wonderful picture that is portrayed around the hotel. Viozene offers the disposability of hiking and mountain biking, for more or less mountain experts in a beautiful alpine scenery. It is also possible to reach the veins of the Tanaro river, Pian Rosso, Punta Marguareis and get on top of Monte Mongioie.

We have double, triple and double to single use rooms, all equipped with toilet, TV and phone. Guests have also access to internet. The refuge is ideal for seniors and families stays in the summer: we are available for bed & breakfast, half board and full board, with special facilititations for children.

The cozy bar counter awaits you for breakfast, cocktails and lavish snacks! And later (in respect of those who want to rest), also for the nightcup!