Alta Val Tanaro Typical Products Consortium

The Consortium, which is a non-profit organization and does not exercise any commercial activity, since its inception, in 2004, deals uninterruptedly the promotion of traditional crops present in the Tanaro valley through articulated activities, essentially aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  1. Recovery, conservation and enhancement of typical agricultural production through the achievement of a fair remuneration or at least decent for producers;

  2. The adoption or maintenance of environmentally friendly farming techniques and the warranty of a quality  standard and healthiness of products to consumers;

  3. Synergy with all subjects involved such as public administrations, professional agricultural organizations, tourist boards, various associations, to jointly develop a chain mechanism capable of strengthen other economic sectors (trade, catering, receipt, etc.) and to promote the area as a whole.

The consortium proposes the protection, enhancement and increased production agricultural and livestock traditionally present on the territory; in particular, for now, of the products and varieties listed below:

  • “Bianco di Bagnasco” bean

  • “Garessio” chestnut

  • “Caprauna” turnip

  • “Nucetto” chickpea

  • “Furmentin” buckweat

  • “Ormeasco” vine

  • “Maomese” bean

  • Alta Val Tanaro mountain potatoes

  • Ottofile maize flour and other precious varieties

  • “Ormea” cheese and other ovine and caprine derivatives

  • Honey

  • Vegetables and small fruits

  • Aromatic and spontaneous officinals herbs