Nava Freeride

The Alpi del mare outdoor born in Imperia by a group of mountain bikers. We are fortunate to live in a place where we can have fun in bike 365 days a year from the Ligurian Alps, that reach 2700 meters, to the sea.

Our association deals with Mtb accompaniment. We organize tours with the help of our shuttle from one day up to a week of freeride, enduro, mountain or in the case of several days a mix of them.

We have expert guides to attend the riders immersed in the nature of the beautiful territory of the Ligurian Alps with the choice of more than 16 freeride trails, suitable for all types of riders. The trails that are specially maintained and cared by us are divided between Ormea and Nava until they reach the sea.

We also offer a shuttle service from/to the airport of Nice and booking service in the various facilities of the area (hotels, restaurants, bed and breakfasts and campsites).