Pianbernardo Stopping Place

“Alpe Pianbernardo” is a project of Alberto Zuanelli and Enrico Dispenza for the tourism revival of the Pianbernardo hamlet in the municipality of Garessio.

The project is to build a structure linked to the various activities that can be developed in the area. Recently acquired and to be restored is an old and charming farmhouse dating back to mid-800.

Spacious interiors with stone vaults reconcile with the beautiful chestnut trees that surround it. The area allows you to create a unique site to stay and immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of a mountain that still leave the signs of peasant life once took place there.


Pianbernardo is a small village in the municipality of Garessio, currently inhabited by a dozen of families who own second homes, and from a family of residents.

Pianbernardo offers wonderful natural sceneries of ancient forests interspersed with cliffs and scenic trails that surprise the soul and the spirit of those who wander in this territory.

In Pianbernardo there is the peace and serenity of a cozy mountain that has much to offer to those who love nature in its purest and most genuine form.

  • Abundant wildlife and beautiful forests of chestnut, birch, beech trees that are crossed by the CAI paths and adjacent local roads to the houses.

  • The great cliff (R.ca D’Orse) that can be seen already along the S.S. 28 from Garessio to La Trappe.

  • The Cave of the Wild Woman and the Cave of the Flying Boars.


Pianbernardo is an important destination for climbers who come from different European countries to climb in a unique setting for the colors of the imposing limestone cliff that rises from beech trees, allowing breathtaking views to visitors. Climbing is one of the potentially most important resources of this fraction.

Currently Pianbernardo is considered a destination for expert climbers as the 86 routes have a rather high degree of difficulty (from 6B to 8C). Alberto Zuanelli and Enrico Dispenza set them out for you and, thanks to the intervention of the City of Garessio, they spiked the easiest way.

There are several areas of the cliff where it is possible spiking some tens of routes of easy-medium degree. This would allow Pianbernardo to become a truly important and attractive destination for all those who practice this sport.


Pianbernardo is crossed by the Alto Tanaro Tour, the ring that runs along the Alta Via of the Ligurian Mountains, the Antoroto Tour, the Ormea’s Balcony and the Ring of Ormea.

Pianbernardo leads to the cliffs of the CAI Pianbernardo footpath. From crags you can continue to Eca and Ormea’s Balcony or toward the Path of the Ladder that leads to Valdinferno / Rifugio Savona / Monte Antoroto.

The path to reach the crags passes through a dense beechs forest which offers shade and crisp to hikers even during the hottest periods. From crags a spectacular alpine scenery is afforded, interspersed with cliffs and amazing views that allow a single movement of the face to bring his gaze from the sea to the Alps.


You can water supply after the last houses (continuing for about 100 meters towards Eca). There is an old fountain with three wash basins. This water is managed by Acda (Cuneo Water Company). Otherwise, in Alpe Pianbernardo farmhouse (albeit under renovation) you can supply drinking water in the washhouse adjoining the house.

It is not recommended to supply water in the other stone fountains present in the midst of some houses (located atop the Alpe Pianbernardo) since the collection tanks of this source still require maintenance.


The only source present at the crags area is the “general” source: arrived to the meadows of the crags, do pay attention to the wooden sign for “La Scaletta”. Tread that path for about 25-30 minutes (Valdinferno direction). It runs through a wooded area and, at one point, the trail becomes steeper and steeper runnning along a cliff: after about 50 meters the steep section ends and on the left you can see a small tube. The water is always pleasantly cool.


Highway SV-TO: exit Ceva, go along the S.S. 28 towards Nava / Imperia for about 25 km, at Trappa turn right after the church, cross the village until the end of the paved road, turn left over the bridge and travel by car for about 3 km on a dirt road, or walk along the CAI path.

From Imperia: through the Colle di Nava, travel into the Val Tanaro from Ponte di Nava to Trappa.