Trekking 2

The Ligurian Alps have several peaks upto 2,700 meters on the sea level with snow fields until late summer. The mountain shape offers excursions that allow climbing all the peaks without difficulty. The landscape is unique with glacial environments on the one hand and the Ligurian Sea on the other. Many endemic species of flowers grow in the pastures of this corner of the Alps. Deer, wolves, chamois, eagles and bearded vultures inhabit undisturbed those alpine valleys and away from the usual crowded places.

You may discover a lot of charming  multi-day tours such as The Tour of Two Valleys, the High Tanaro Tour, the Tour of the Pizzo of Ormea, the Seven Summit. The trekking season begins in blossoming April ending late in the fall when to experience warm sunsets and foliage.

  • Alto Tanaro’s Tour

  • Marguareis’ Tour

  • Ormea’s Balcony

  • Alpine Way

  • Ligurian Alps’s Highway